RAUN is a service-based company, born by experiences and professionally managed. Founder has been providing services since 2003, mostly in power generation systems and mechanical electrical in several market sector such as commercial buildings, industries, utilities, oil and gas.

Believe profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable long-term relationships with its stakeholders (clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, local communities member, and advocacy groups).

We listen our stakeholders and decide to take our steps with this indentity for everything about power systems.

From diesel-fueled to gas fueled with small size to big size power systems, we contribute and provide these activities :

  • Consultancy (FEED, DED, Power Management, Power Plant Efficiency, Sales Management, etc.)
  • Contracting (project base mechanical and electrical for power systems)
  • Services and Support (Maintenance, Component Machining/repair, Rental Power, etc.)